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Zebra Pro Double End Ball Punch Bag

Zebra Pro Double End Ball Punch Bag

The Zebra Pro Double End Ball Punch Bag helps you improve your boxing performance and conditioning.

The smooth movement and reactivity of these doubled end punching bags allow you to practice various punching techniques, combinations, slips, and counters, all while improving your reflexes, reactions, coordination, and timing.

Whether you’re into MMA, boxing, fitness, or striking martial arts, this is one of the best investments you can make in your training and long-term fitness.

Made from premium buffalo leather with white trimmings and a lace closing, it is a high-quality training bag that lasts.

It features a changeable latex bladder, air valve, and adjustable elastic straps, allowing you to make changes based on your training routine, style, and level of experience.

Reinforced S hooks are also integrated into the bag for a secure hold that will stand up to even the most intense training.

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